Hala Enterprises


Brief History

Established in 1974, with only half a dozen Japanese looms, and with exports mainly to
the Middle East – today’s Hala Enterprises has evolved a fair bit. With a fully integrated
towel manufacturing facility, the company is fully capable of meeting the demands of
large customers while also being able to provide its smaller customers with flexibility. It
manufactures a complete range of terry towels for retail, as well as institutional use. Our
exports are worldwide; however, we specialize in towel & bathrobe exports to Europe.

Hala Enterprises is also one of the oldest towel manufacturing companies in the country
and has an extremely diverse, as well as long standing customer base. In the late eighties,
we were already experimenting with environmentally friendly techniques such as using
vegetable dyes and other organic substances in our processing of towels. Hala was one of
the few towel manufacturing firms in the region to be progressive enough to provide its
European customers with a product which was best suited to their palette. We have since
come a long way and become European specialists, but with a global outlook.