Hala Enterprises

About Us

Company Profile

Since 1974, Hala Enterprises Limited has been one of the leading innovators and market trend setters in the towel industry of the region. The company’s core business activity is centered on towel and other terry products manufacturing in the Lahore district of Pakistan. The entire manufacturing is based on custom-made items for specific clientele for export purposes. While exports are world-wide, the concentration of sales is within Europe – aimed at both the institutional and the retail sector. Hala is a completely integrated towel manufacturing unit with all facilities in-house. The total manufacturing capacity is approximately 1500 tons annually – due to which the company is able to exercise astonishing levels of flexibility when it comes to query-based orders. 

Manufacturing Facilities

The manufacturing facilities comprise of 30 Shuttle-less Rapier looms, a complete dye house, and finishing services. The dye house includes uni and yarn dying with shearing facilities to complement. We have There are two stitching units; one for towels and the other specializing in bath robes and terry accessories. The company maintains a very high standard of quality and is OekoTex® 100 Certified. Quality standards and procedures at Hala have been and are continuously being improved to provide our customers with the best possible product, as flexibly as possible.

Knowledge & know-how

Hala Enterprises has been an institution of training for those in the towel industry of Pakistan. Many members of our staff have been trained by German consultants who spent months improving our production flow process & quality parameters. Hala Enterprises was also vertically integrated till 2002 with its own Spinning Unit – Hala Spinning. During this time our Quality Control and Production Managers were cross-trained to understand the dynamics of Cotton Yarn Spinning. This has ensured us a wide pool of knowledge when it comes to yarns.

Core Competence

Our core competence is our flexibility – both in weaving, piece dyeing and yarn dyeing. When it comes to minimums, we can offer what many others dare to dream of [see our MOQs]. In addition to this, we pride ourselves on our quality and service. Each client is given personal care and a complete follow-up of their shipments. Our logistics team ensures that we plan according to your needs and provide you with the best available options for a fast & cost-effective delivery to your port of destination. We have an in-house inspection system which ensures that atleast 10% of all goods are re-inspected by our Quality Control Team before each dispatch. We follow a strict policy of AQL levels 2.5 – 1.5.

We at Hala are continuously researching and developing to provide our customers with the most innovative product range in the towel industry. Not only do we experiment with different types of materials and techniques, but also with methodologies and trends.


Our entire operation runs on government supplied Natural Gas and Electricity. This ensures that we do not emit any harmful gases or affluents into the atmosphere. Our boiler is run on natural gas throughout the year. As an alternative to gas, when it is unavailable we use bio-fuels which are naturally friendly to the environment. All our waste is recycled. Our dyeing water is treated to maintain a neutral PH level before discharging it into the local sewage system.